If it's not Forever It's not Love Summary

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If It’s Not Forever
 ...It’s Not Love.


Author's Note:-
"Terror struck Delhi again on Wednesday morning, when a deadly bomb went off at a busy gate of the Delhi High Court. It killed 11 people and left 76 others injured. The bomb went off barely 300 meters away from the spot where a minor explosion had taken place on May 25, which was also a Wednesday. Police officials now say that it could have been a test run for this blast…‛ – The Hindustan Times, 7th September 2011
"There are certain incidents in life that shape you as a person, as a citizen and friend, and decide what course you take in life. The Delhi High Court blast in September, 2011 is such an incident for me. ‘If It’s Not Forever’ is the story loosely inspired from that blast – that left several men, women and children dead or injured – and a search mounted by me and a few of my close friends to find an end to the story of one of the men who lost his life in that unfortunate blast. Names of places, landmarks and people have been changed on behest of the people involved in the story of this book. This book is a tribute to all the innocent lives lost to senseless acts of violence and terrorism.– Durjoy Datta
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